Our goal is to make a chess website that helps users improve their over-the-board chess skills. Despite the large number of chess websites online, they all have a tendency to focus on blitz and bullet games, prioritizing short tactical advantages over long-term strategical thinking.

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Drawing of Odin playing chess

Origins of

According to Norse mythology, Odin sacrficied his left eye in exchange for wisdom. Thus symbolically sacrificing a lower form of perception for a higher one. At Odin Chess we try to get you to sacrifice your ability to see the board in exchange for the ability to better visualize it in your mind. By blocking your ability to see the board for several moves at a time, we hope to get you to visualize the outcomes of long variations in your head, which will boost your over-the-board chess skills.

Drawing of Hela holding a chess piece and chess board

Games can only be played blindfold so you learn to calculate long variations in your head. In order to help users develop their blindfold chess abilities step-by-step, we allow them to customize the game by choosing how many turns to block out the board for. We encourage you to start with a low number to get used to the game, and then challenge yourself to see how high you can go!

We also offer other helpful features such as the option to suggest PGN corrections and the ability to customize the level of stockfish that you play against. We will be adding more features to our games soon, so keep checking back!

All of our chess puzzles require all moves to be entered at once so you can't guess-and-check. They also require you to enter moves for both players, in order to encourage you to think about each position from your opponent's perspective as well as your own.

All of our puzzles must be played using algebraic notation, and are offered at various difficulty levels, so there is something for everyone.

Drawing of a puzzle containing an image of Odin watching over a viking voyage

While you're waiting, try some vision puzzles!